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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck resurfacing not only looks great, but makes your home more desirable in terms of value. Pool deck resurfacing can be more than just patch and repairing concrete. Pool decks can be stained, textured and a highly decorative area surrounding your pool. One Source Professional Painting and Coatings will resurface your pool deck so that it is a safe, slip-resistant deck for a fun day at the pool.

Inground pool decks are now becoming extremely popular, and can be just as decorative as an inground pool deck. Decorative concrete and pool deck resurfacing has turned an ordinary slab of concrete into a luxurious atmosphere.

One Source Professional Painting and Coatings has the experience and knowledge to resurface your pool deck, and even make it more decorative than before. Our company will ensure that your pool deck resurfacing in done professionally, and with quality made to last.

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